Terms and Conditions are set down by our suppliers and are published in detail in our brochures. Airlines and Hotels will enforce any cancellation fees, which may be up to 100% of the amount paid.

Jeffrey Martin Rainsford trading as Specialised Travel & Tours


Prices are based on the exchange rate at the time of printing. They are quoted in Australian Dollars and are GST free for international travel, and GST inclusive for domestic travel and services.

Details of particular hotels described in the itinerary may change due to quality control by the Tour Operator.  Every endeavour will be made to keep details up to date.  A hotel of similar or superior standard will be substituted.

Flight schedules are correct at the time of printing.  Any changes are outside of the control of Specialised Tours.  Should the itinerary and tour costs change as a result of schedule changes, the passenger will bear the difference.

In the event that change(s) cause the tour to be substantially different than the initial price quoted, the passenger has the right to withdraw from the tour.  Some airline and/or hotel deposits may be forfeited.


It is your personal responsibility to ensure you are adequately protected for travel outside of Australia.  You can obtain information from your family doctor or consult the Traveller’s Medical and Vaccination Centre in your capital city by phoning 1300 658 844.

Travel Insurance is highly recommended.  Specialised Tours will require proof of a policy or a signed Declaration from any traveller declining Travel Insurance.


Bookings cancelled at any time after confirmation will automatically incur a loss of deposit.

In addition to the loss of deposit, other charges may be enforced by the airline, hotel or tour operator up to 100% of the tour cost, particularly within 90 days of departure.

Any group tour may be cancelled if insufficient numbers are booked or events outside of our control cause cancellation.  Optional dates will be offered in such cases.

Upon paying any money for deposits, part or full amounts, it is desirable to purchase your Travel Insurance to guard against most forms of cancellation.


Prices for this tour are based on existing bedding at the hotels selected.  Additional bedding will need to be specifically requested and is subject to availability.

  • A Single Supplement is required to be paid if sole occupancy of a room is required.

Single, interconnecting, twin as against double, smoking or non-smoking rooms need to be clearly referred to on the booking form, and are based upon availability.

  • Passports will require at least six months validity from the date of entry into a foreign country.

Depending upon your Nationality, a Visa may be required prior to departing Australia.


Economy Class travellers are allowed 20kgs per person. Business Class passengers are permitted 30 Kgs.  No one bag may exceed 35 Kgs.

Carry-on luggage is restricted to 5 Kgs, and no larger in size than 48cm X 34 cm X 23 cm.

No sharp objects such as a nail file, scissors, Swiss Army knife, etc; is permitted in the aircraft cabin.  Please ensure such items are packed into your check-in luggage.

Any charges for excess luggage will be at the passenger’s expense and payable upon check-in.


Specialised Tours does not accept any responsibility for any act or omission causing loss or injury to persons or property whether by negligence or otherwise on the part of the principals ( the airline, hotel, tour operator, coach company or service provider) providing any facilities or services described in the tour package. 

Specialised Tours is not liable in contact or in tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure or other events which are beyond the control of Specialised Tours, or which are preventable, including without limitation, delays, changes of aircraft services, alterations to any other travel service, illness, injuries, strikes, civil disturbances, quarantines, floods or other disturbances of whatsoever nature interfering with, altering, or adding to the cost of the services requested or booked.

Specialised Tours is not liable for any personal dissatisfaction with properties or sites.  Specialised Tours will do its best to ensure all arrangements are as agreed and only accepts liability if loss is sustained as a result of its negligence or that of its employees.

Consumer Claims should be filed within 30 days of return to Australia in writing, be it for an Insurance claim, or directed to the Travel Compensation Fund or Specialised Travel for action.

Specialised Tours is a division of Specialised Travel, Licensed Travel Agent TTA 238374 DISCLAIMER

Neither Government Tourism Offices, Airlines, Hotels or any supporter of these tours, does not by virtue of its endorsement or promotion of our brochure represent itself either as contracting with any purchases of a tour from Specialised Tours or as having any other legal relationship with any such purchaser.